Jordan Energy Summit

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ITCC has taken part in the Jordan Energy Investment Summit Event held in Amman on the 10th and 11th of October 2001. With around 150 attendees, ITCC has had the opportunity to mingle with senior officials from the

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and government affiliates in Jordan's power, nuclear, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. The conference's focus was to bring forth the investment potential and latest developments in Jordan in the Energy Sector, in addition to pushing awareness and visibility in Green Energy. Some of the topics discussed include:

- Prospects in oil shale, hydrocarbons and effective collaboration with the government.

- Financing models for renewable energy projects

- Development approaches for green energy projects: Solar, wind and biomass

- Energy efficiency and national implications of The Arab Energy Efficiency Guideline

- Jordan’s future Power System and investment opportunities for IPPs

- The designed role for nuclear power and strategic operating partners

- The future of alternative natural gas supply and gas grid plans- New oil distribution in Jordan and downstream projects.