Business Philosophy and Values

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Our business Philosophy stems from our ‘family business values’: We place Integrity and Discipline at the centre of all our relationships with our key stakeholders: Customers, Vendors, and Employees alike:  We strive for uncompromising integrity and professionalism in all our business activities; we meet all our stakeholder commitments; and we respect the value of keeping deadlines and paying attention to details.

Additionally, we utilize the fundamentals of ISO quality management to shape and guide all our business activities:

Customer Focus:

We endeavour to deliver innovative and competitive products and services to our customers; we actively listen and clearly communicate with all our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders; and we try to make every relationship a win-win encounter.

Management By Fact:

We make decisions and take actions based on factual information; we ensure that historical data and information is adequately stored and retrievable; we understand the importance of documentation control for the sake of traceability across the supply chain.

Continuous Improvement:

We continuously learn, develop, and improve; and we take pride in collaborating with our partners, vendors, and customers to achieve improvements across the supply chain.

Systems and Process Thinking:

We tackle any Opportunity, Problem or Business activity as a Process to simplify analysis, make sure that resources are allocated and used efficiently, and achieve more effective results. We also strive to integrate and align interrelated processes in order to make sure that the bigger picture is understood, and to avoid any wasted resources.