Our Capabilities

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 To provide our customers with solutions and services that contribute to their success, we are committed to leverage our core capabilities: Our technical & engineering expertise across various industries, our global sourcing network, and our experience in Contracts Management with world class clients. It is the combination of those three capabilities what makes our solutions unique and value-adding to our clients. 

Our Technical & Engineering Expertise is supported by our experienced team of engineers and technical staff, who possess professional education and training in engineering, procurement, project management, installation and commissioning, after sales service and maintenance. Moreover, we operate from modern facilities, located in Amman and occupy more than 300 square meters, that are equipped with high-quality IT equipment; engineering and design software applications, International Standards and Specification References and Handbooks; in addition to customized in-house applications CRM, Vendor Management, Orders Tracking & Management.
Secondly, Our Global Sourcing capability is backed up by our relationships and agreements with internationally renowned principles. Over the years, ITCC has built a portfolio of principles, who are specialized manufacturers and service providers. On their behalf, ITCC markets and promotes their products, provides front line technical support, and after sales services to clients. Some of the names ITCC is associated with include: Thyssenkrupp VDM (Germany), Outokumpu (Finland), Cameron Compression Systems (USA), Teco-Westinghouse Motors (Canada),  Tianjin Pipe Corporation (China). Read more>>
Another key strength is our Projects and Contracts Management capability, which is a combination of the knowledge, skills, tools, techniques that we possess for Planning, Cost Estimation and Budgeting, Procurement Management, and Quality assurance and Control. We understand that our customers will only judge us based on our performance, and without this ability, failure is inevitable. Our competence in this area, has enabled us to take take part in several prestigious projects executed in Jordan such as: DISI Project, Qatranah Power Plant, Potash Expansion Projects, Fertilizer Expansion Projects.) Read more>>