Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment

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Electrical Motors and Drives
DC Motors/ AC Induction Motors/ Synchronous Motors/ Drum Motors/ Drives & Controls.

Turbo Machinery
Complete Turbo-machinery equipment for various applications complete with their motors, and spare parts. 
Fans/ Blowers / Gas Compressors/ Centrifugal Compressors/ Reciprocating Compressors/ Gas Turbines/ Air Intake Systems/ Air Intake silencers.

Pumps, Mixers & Dosing Machines
Centrifugal/ Submersible/ Turbine Vertical/ Horizontal & Vertical Centrifugal/ Diaphragm Pumps/ Double Diaphragm Pumps/ Slurry Pumps/ Hydrostatic Testing Pumps/ Chemical Dosing Pumps/ Water Jetting / Fire Fighting Pumps.