About Us

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 International Technical Construction Co. (ITCC) was established in 1985 as a family business with an objective of becoming a leading provider of engineering and turnkey procurement solutions in Jordan and the Middle East.  Since then, the company has taken major strides in this direction; Its name “ITCC” has become recognized for the quality and reliability of it services across different Industry Segments. 

With more than 25 years of presence, augmented up by its founders’ longstanding experience in Engineering and EPIC Contracting in the Middle East for over 40 years, ITCC has successfully secured and executed contracts with a range of Customers: Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals Companies; Fertilizer Producers; Cement Plants; Power Plants; Power Transmission and Distribution Utilities; Water Authorities; Ports and Railway Operators; Telecom Companies; Military and Armed Forces; and Construction & EPC contractors. 
Some of our customers include: Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO), Arab Potash Company and its affiliates, Jordan Petroleum Refinery, National Petroleum Company, Jordan Cement, Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, Natural Resources Authority, Water Authority, Central Electricity Generating Company, National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), Electricity Distribution Company and reputable International EPIC Contractors including Petrojet (Egypt), Sener Arda Group (Turkey), Lotte Engineering (Korea), Gama Power (Turkey). Read More>>
In the past decade, ITCC has experienced an impressive amount of growth; its Sales turnover has increased more than twofold in 2010 to US$ 10,000,000; In 2008, a subsidiary office was set up in Palestine. We are seeking to sustain our growth and expand our market share. To achieve this, our strategy is to:
  • Strengthen our relationships with our Customers
  • Extend our reach to new customers and new development projects in the region
  • Attract and collaborate with International Manufacturers and Service Providers who are seeking presence in the Jordanian and Middle East market
  • Attract new talent to enable us expand our pool of expertise.