Special Application Materials and Alloys

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ITCC has extensive experience and a network of worldwide vendors who can supply materials for various applications either from Stockists or from Mills directly, in a variety of forms: Coil, Sheet, Round Bars, Shaped Bars, Flat Bars, Hollow Bars, Pipes, Fittings and Flanges:

Special Application Steels
Marine and Pressure Vessel Grades
ASTM A283 Grade A, B, C/ ASTM A285 Grade A, B, C ASTM 515 Grade 60, 65, 70/ ASTM 516 Grade 60, 65, 70/ ASTM A537 Class 1, Class 2
Weathering Grades COR-TEN®
Abrasion resistant Steel HARDOX®/ ABRO®/ FORA®
Hydrogen Induced Cracking HIC Resistant Steels
Cladded Plates and Parts

High Performance Stainless Steels and Duplex Grades
UNS N08904 (Uranus B6 / 904L )
UNS S31254 (254 SMO®)
UNS S 31803 (Alloy 2205 , URANUS 45N),
UNS 32550 (Ferralium 255)

Heat Resistance and Corrosion Resistance Alloys
UNS N 04400 (Alloy 400)/  UNS N 06625 (Alloy 625)/ UNS N 10276 (Alloy C-276)
UNS N 08028 (Alloy 28)/ UNS N08020 (Alloy 20)/ UNS N08031 (Alloy 31)

Non-Ferrous Materials
Aluminum/ Bronze/ Brass/ Copper/ Teflon/ Rubber